InMode Fractora Skin Resurfacing

InMode Fractora Skin Resurfacing 

Fractora by InMode is a radiofrequency treatment coupled with microneedling technology designed to target stubborn wrinkles, lines, surgery/acne scarring, as well as other skin imperfections. Electrical pulses alongside small needles that pierce the skin destroy collagen and elastin fibres that are poorly aligned, and stimulates the body to produce new ones. This process resurfaces the skin, leaving a smoother, fuller appearance.

Fractora treatments usually last over an hour. Numbing cream is applied for patient comfort and allowed to settle before Fractora is used. A minimum of three treatments is recommended for optimum results.

Fractora is a more intense solution for fine lines and imperfections than Sharplight Radiofrequency treatments or an Intense Pulse Light facial. That being said, a day of recovery time is suggested for facial Fractora treatments, and to be extra careful about sun exposure. Dr. Smith and one of our technicians will carefully go over any concerns you may have, as well as the necessary aftercare instructions during your consultation and treatment.

The best part of Fractora for us is that we can treat acne scarring, surgical/burn scarring, and deeper lines better than we were able to before. We have many different pieces for different targets and for different skintypes. Be sure to book your free consultation with Dr. Smith and one of our technicians to ensure that Fractora is right for you!

Our before and after images are provided to InMode by other physicians offices across North America. If you are comfortable with your amazing results being shared for others – please let us know!