SculpSure Vancouver Area

Are you looking for a way to lose stubborn fat and sculpt your body without invasive surgical procedures? Try SculpSure ®, the first FDA-approved laser procedure for safe, effective and lasting fat cell destruction. Did you know that losing weight does not always mean your body is removing fat cells? During traditional weight loss methods, the body’s fat cells shrink but may stay in the body. This results in stubborn fat deposits in the flanks, abdomen, and love handles. SculpSure® is a way to specifically and permanently remove fat cells from these stubborn areas of the body. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they do not return as long as the lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) is maintained. SculpSure® targets the desired region with heat, raising the temperature of the fat cells between 42°C and 47°C. The cells disintegrate, and are safely processed by the body’s lymphatic system.The best part about SculpSure®? No down time! Treatment time is only 25 minutes, with results beginning to show within 4-6 weeks.

What to Expect?

One of our highly trained technicians will walk you through the machine, and will work with you to address your target areas. This will include how many applicators you will need on each area, as well as how many treatments you may need. The SculpSure® applicator then targets the fat region with concentrated heat, bringing the fat cells to a temperature between 42°C and 47°C. This disrupts the unwanted fat cells in a process called controlled hyperthermic lipolysis. The heat will only disrupt the fatty layer above the viscera, and will not damage the surrounding skin or muscle. In order to help the results blend naturally, the heat from this process spreads around the applicator slightly. This is known as thermal spread. Thermal spread allows a gradient of fat cell disintegration around the applicators, which is a feature unique to SculpSure® not offered by other “fat freezing” systems. During treatment, patients typically feel occasional warming and cooling sensations. Discomfort depends on target area, fat content in the target area, and each patients individual pain tolerance.

Post Treatment

SculpSure® treatment has no downtime! As soon as you are finished your in-clinic session you are welcome to resume all of your normal activities – even the gym! You may experience mild swelling or sensitivity – this is normal. This makes it an ideal procedure for busy professionals on their lunch breaks. In the months following the treatment, the body will gradually filter out all disrupted fat cells. After six weeks, partial results are often evident. After twelve weeks, the removal of the cells is usually complete and the full results are achieved from that specific treatment.

How Many Treatments?

Treatment amount depends entirely on treatment area volume and target area, and therefore is unique to each patient. Our technicians will take the time to go through how many treatments are right for you.