Vivier Skin Vancouver

A Canadian approach to pharmaceutical, physician-only skin care products.

Vivier Vitamin C Serum

Vivier Pharma specializes in vitamin C serums that are molecularly engineered to absorb into the skin, providing anti-aging, anti-oxidization, and collagen-stimulating benefits.

Vivier Platine

Platine is a premium line for mature, aging skin that aims to stimulate collagen production, restoring fullness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles without invasive intervention.

Vivier Sunscreen

Vivier sunscreens use physical and chemical UV blockades to ensure complete, and total sun protection. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, tattoos, and beach bums alike.


Struggling with acne? Vivier AHA/BHA exfoliating cream, Vitamin C scrub, and Hexam cleanser are gentle enough to subside irritation, but sooth stubborn spots on the face to reduce flare ups and risk of scarring.

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